Foodie Frolics

Even though I have been on a diet, I have still been eating amazing food, just maybe not so often! So here are a few of my recent delicious treats!….

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Spring Chunky Chick Purchases

I’ve been at it again! But I feel like I have a couple of excuses to justify my shopping sprees this time…

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The search for skin perfection


When we watch TV, or see women (or even friends of mine) that have immaculate make up, my boyfriend always comments “Why doesn’t your makeup look like that!?”. Any the answer isn’t “Because I’m crap at being a girl!” (surprisingly) its actually “Because they have good skin under all that slap!”.

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My love for Cornwall


I tend to visit Cornwall at least once a year. I’ve been going since I was a teenager with my family, and I hate it if we don’t visit. I’d even go as far as saying that some of my holidays to Cornwall have beaten my holidays abroad, possibly because it resembles the beautiful sandy beaches of somewhere like Spain, but it’s right on our doorstep. So here’s why I love it so much and my top places to visit whilst your there….

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