The search for skin perfection


When we watch TV, or see women (or even friends of mine) that have immaculate make up, my boyfriend always comments “Why doesn’t your makeup look like that!?”. Any the answer isn’t “Because I’m crap at being a girl!” (surprisingly) its actually “Because they have good skin under all that slap!”.

I’m not one to spend a huge amount on makeup, but I’m not a tight arse either, but even when I get the expensive foundation, and watch tutorials on how to apply it correctly, its never going to look flawless if the skin underneath is more Halloween than Hot!

So I am the worst girl ever when it comes to taking care of my skin, but the last couple of years, I have noticed that my skin is in real need of some TLC! Previously I wouldn’t tone, cleanse or moisturise, I would literally just face wipe my make up off and be done with it! But now I am getting closer to my 30’s (worst sentence i have ever written!) I am getting more problematic skin, which is probably due to my lack of care in the past. The skin around my T-Zone, mainly my nose is very dry, my pores are quite large and often get clogged up, and whenever I put anything on my face, it tends to go quite oily and i get spots. So, I started to try a variety of skin care products starting with a simple Nivea moisturiser, moving onto some balance active hydrating oil and some origins products before moving on the the product that i fell in love with.


To Keep it short and blunt, Nivea didn’t work well for me, made my skin too oily. I did try a couple of different types, but it didn’t really hydrate my skin enough to help with my dry patches. After use, my skin just felt the same really. The cleansing water pictured above however is good. This one is for dry skin, so it worked nicely for me and is a good product to have lying around. The balance active products were really good actually, however after a few weeks, my skin kind of “got used to it” and it wasn’t working as well as before. These products (photo’s below) can be found in B&M baragins and really are a bargain at just a few pounds each. I think if your skin is less problematic than mine, this is a good go to product.


The Origins stuff I don’t really want to review properly because they were free samples that weren’t really matched to my skin type. If you go on to the origins website they have an amazing online chat where you speak to a specialist, tell them what your skin is like and how low / high maintenance you are with your regime and then they will recommend a product for you. When I used this last year, I told them I dont want anything I have to use daily as I just wont do it, so they recommended the exfoliating mask pictured below (the pink bottle). I use this a couple of times a week to this day as it is really good, but not I realise I really do need a daily routine, and so the hunt was back on. The freebies that were sent with the mask (also pictured) i felt weren’t amazing but as I said, they are probably not ideal for my skin type.



I went and bought some Charlotte Tilbury make up recently and they offered me a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream moisturiser. I tried this once, and I fell in love with it. It went onto my skin so nicely and once it dried my skin felt as soft as a baby’s bottom. Even though I had only tried it once, I was so happy that I had found something so lovely and exclaimed my excitement to my boyfriend who replied with “how can you tell after using it once!”. Ignoring him, I jumped on the internet to order some and this is where my heart was broken! Its £70 for 50ml! I know to some people, this is perfectly acceptable to spend on a good beauty product, and I really tried to persuade myself it was ok, but for me i just couldn’t justify it. So I began hunting around online trying to find a bargain equivalent to the Charlotte Tilbury magic Cream. And I did! Praise the lord!

Which finally brings me to the Skin product I am wanting to share with you (sorry little long winded!). Its called Skineffect and is available from Lloyds Pharmacy. Its not stocked in my local shop, but I just ordered online and collected in store a few days later. So I purchased the 3-in-1 cleanser (although it doesn’t really detail what the 3 things are) and the moisturiser. And here is the best bit…. They are £7.99 each! The moisturiser feels just like the Charlotte Tilbury one when you apply it, and I get the same soft as a baby’s bottom feeling after using it.


I’ve been using it now for a couple of months (almost everyday – which is an achievement for me!) and although the lighting is slightly different in these two pictures below, I think it really shows how it has improved my skin.

Processed with MOLDIV

I have less blemishes, and if I use it on a daily basis, along with my exfoliating mask a couple of times a week, my dry skin pretty much gone! My pores are still pretty big but I think that’s just the way my skin is and there isn’t much that will change that. So If your skin is like mine, I urge you to give this a go! I also recently purchased the Body lotion and these Nip Fab exfoliating pads, so I will update you on how these go 🙂



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