Spring Chunky Chick Purchases

I’ve been at it again! But I feel like I have a couple of excuses to justify my shopping sprees this time…

  1. I had a weekend event where I was out all day, and then going to a club in the evening and wouldn’t be changing in between. My current wardrobe said NO.
  2. I have lost some weight so i deserve it. I normally say this whilst tucking in to a burger and chips, so clothes is better than food right?
  3. Now my skin is on its way to being beautiful (see previous post) I think its only fair i test out some cheaper brands of make up.

So anyway, I have a few recent purchases I wanted to share with you as they made me feel happy 🙂

New look Kimono / Top 

newlook top

So this top has literally been my life saver on so many occasions. Its a chiffon material with a floral print and bell shaped sleeves. The sleeve shape is not something I would normally pick and although I have to make sure I’m not dipping them in my ketchup whilst i’m eating, they really are a nice added touch. The reason this top is so perfect is that it can be paired with dark clothing like I have done above, for a more evening look, or I have worn it with light jeans and a light top for a more casual summer look. Its also officially a kimono, however it has a tie waist, which is great, as when its teamed with a high waisted pair of jeans, you can wear it open or closed depending on how bloated you are feeling that day! If your like me and don’t like your flabby arms, its a great cover up as its so light and feminine, and can be worn with jeans, dresses and even some little daisy dukes for the festival look! This really is my number one buy this spring! Also you can see in the picture I am wearing some new shoes. These were from ebay and again were a great by. They are platform, with a very low heel for those of you who cant walk in heels like me! They look quite high from the front which is nice for a night out where you want to dance but don’t want the pain! They are also available in different colours and materials for £15.99.

Topshop Shoes – £32


I don’t normally visit Topshop as i’m a cheapskate and I find some of the fashion in Topshop a little bit crazy catwalk for my liking. But I was wasting some time last week and am I glad I popped in as I found these beauties. They are real leather, and so soft and flexible making them super comfortable. I team these with a light pair of jeans and a blue shirt for a casual day look.

Primark Peplum Top:

primark top

Please excuse the mess in the back ground of these pictures. I panic when I get ready and end up chucking stuff everywhere! Anyway this top from Primark is one of my best buys for spring. Its just a casual t-shirt material, but its just a nice simple top to wear with jeans in the spring / summer. It pulls in at the waist to show off your curves, but covers any of the unforgivable areas! I actually wore this outfit on a night out to some casual bars recently and I felt pretty good. This top is available in other colours as well. I have a white one for wearing with my light ripped jeans, and I am eyeing up a khaki one too!

New look Shoes – £24.99


As i mentioned earlier, I am terrible at walking in heels! Heels making you feel so tall and slender (especially for me as I am 5ft 2″) but that effect is kind of ruined when your walking like (in the words of Ed Sheeran) your legs don’t work like they used to before. Normally I opt for quite a clumpy looking platform heel that makes you feel tall, but allows the angle of your foot to remain pretty flat. However these can often not look great, particularly with a dress. So I have just bought these lovely “barely there” heels in black to fill that void in my shoe rack. The are really low, and wide fit so the strap across the front doesn’t cut into my toes. If you have tried barely there heels before and found them uncomfortable then give these a try. They are really elegant and they are available in other colours such as a beautiful grey which would look great with jeans, and a bold gold which i am eyeing up for the wedding season!

Superdrug “Haul”:


I hate the word haul, as its just me shopping, but for lack of a better word I will use it! So today my boyfriend dragged me out of bed to test drive BMW’s which wasn’t my ideal way to spend a Sunday, but I negotiated that he must take me shopping afterwards so it worked out well in the end. Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all of their make up (possibly some things excluded) and a free tote bag when you buy three items. The tote bags don’t really bother me much, although they are handy, but the 3 for 2 was too good to say no to. So yesterday I did some research on the best beauty products available in superdrug, by watching Zoella videos, reading general magazine articles and other peoples blogs and hauls.

One of the first things I came across was the Rimmel Long lasting foundation. The main reason I bought this is that my main foundation is a £30 Charlotte Tilbury Magic touch foundation, and I end up wearing no make up during the week as I don’t want to waste it! So I needed a more affordable daily foundation, and this is one that Zoelle uses on a regular basis so its gotta be good right!? And for £7.99 I can’t complain! Also recommended by Zoella was the collections consealer so I picked that up as well for a steal at £4.19.

The next thing I picked up was the Revoloution Flawless eyeshadow pallette. I was looking for something with some warmer tones, reds and coppers and this pallet had some good reviews. Its got 16 colours I believe, which are a mixture of sparkly and matt shades and they are right up my street. This pallette can be used for day and night make up so it makes it worth the money, although this huge pallette is only £8! Bargain! I also grabbed a contour pallette for £3.50 as it looked like a nice grey tone rather than the usual orangey tones you find in this price ranged make up.

I noticed the other day a friend of mine had a really nice nail varnish on. I don’t normally notice these things, but it grabbed my attention because of its rocky look. Its sort of a metalic graphite grey colour. She sent me a picture of the bottle the next day and it was the Rimmel London Salon Pro in 711 Punk Rock. Unfortuatley I couldn’t find this when I went in there, so I opted for the same colour but in a gel version, which looks slightly lighter and less metalic but Its worth a shot!

Finally I picked up a make up brush for £7.99. I have quite a few real technique brushes, and some eco tools ones, but thought i would try something new. I don’t have a contour brush at the moment, and these brushes felt super soft! So I picked up a Lottie London Queen contour brush. I liked the branding, and I’m on a budget “Haul” today so that’s the only reason for my choice with this one.

So as I only bought these today, I haven’t used them yet, So I will be testing them all out over the next week or so and then I will report back and update this post with some more pictures :).

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