My Food Fight

Food is my friend and my enemy.

I love food as much as I love my boyfriend (not more, i swear). I started my late teens, before I met my boyfriend, living off super noodles, and anything that wasn’t red. I was quite easily pleased with food, but fussy when it came to spice (hence the lack of red food as for me that represented hot!). A steak was a steak, and I would always just order a rump as I knew i liked it and it was often the cheapest!

Now, possibly thanks to my foodie boyfriend (Follow him on instagram: Brownbearbites), I have trained my pallet to know what real food tastes like!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good takeaway or a fry up, but not any old chicken kebab will do these days and I can’t say that we have been to a weatherspoons for a long time!

But with all this gorgeous food being my friend, it has also become my enemy. Since I moved from the countryside of Oxfordshire where there isn’t even a corner shop by my parents house, to Bristol where there is about 5 takeaways on your door step (not that we step a foot out of our door, thats what JustEat is for!) I have put on over 2 stone in weight.

I suppose I count myself (sort of) lucky, that my two stone of weight has distributed itself reasonably evenly over my body. I’m not sure I could of held my head up if my cheeks got any fatter, so very kindly my fat decided to move down to my boobs, then my belly, then my thighs. But its getting to the point now where its running out of room to evenly distribute itself (even my toes are podge!) so I need to make some changes before I start to look like Violet from charlie and the chocolate factory and my poor boyfriend will have to roll me out the door.

So I did the same thing a lot of people do after Christmas and I went on a diet. I am going to keep this blog updated with my progress and how I manage to still love my food, and hopefully (fingers crossed) loose that two stone again.

So my journey (without sounding like an Xfactor contestant) started the 1st January 2017. I didn’t get off to a great start, with there being a lot of Chocolate and gerneral yummy food left over from Christmas, however i decided to not just eat it all in one go, and to just eat a small amount of it each day. This took a lot of will power, which for me is normally non existent. This also then became even more of a challenge when in the first week, both me and the boyf got the flu. Neither of us wanted to cook or go out, which is where JustEat was our saviour yet again (at least we had an excuse this time!). So we did have a couple of takeaways, but I tried not eat for the rest of the day to make up for it. So after our difficult start, i decided to do calorie counting. I gave myself 1200 cals a day, and pretty much ate what i wanted as long as i stuck to that. So I would still occassionally have the odd packet of crisps etc.

This was all going quite well, for the next few weeks and over the month of January I managed to loose 7lb. I was so please with this that i decided to celebrate…. but eating FOOOOOD! Stupid I know, but we were going away for a long weekends break in devon, and when your on holiday its never as fun if you can’t have cream teas and fish and chips!So I knew that I was going to mess it up, but I got back on it again the following week. I put on 1lb after that weekend, and a week of calorie counting to try and make up for it. It was probably mainly water weight but its still difficult to keep on top of. The following week we suddenly became socialites. Us? who can barely venture out the house for a takeaway suddenly found ourselves at a Jack Whitehall concert on the Wednesday, out for dinner on the Thursday and having a food with family on the Friday. Doesn’t sound too bad when I say it like that, but when I say those three days consisted of 3 beers, nachos the size of my head, chicken and chips, tappas, 2 bottles of wine and a chinese, its really not great for the weight loss! So that week, as expected, I gained another pound. So in order to name and shame myself, here is a picture of all my naughtiness…

So know to where I am now. After the above mentioned two weeks, I decided to try a low carb diet. There are so many things that contain a lot of carbs that you wouldn’t normally thing of, hence why its low carb and not no carb! I eat a lot of rice, pasta, potatoes and bread, so I am hoping this will make a difference. I don’t have a lot of imagination when it comes to creating meals without carbs. Oh and did I mention? I can’t cook at all! As my boyfriend was working late all this week, I basically survived off a piece of meat and salad each day. However I did try my best to make it taste nice by using goats cheese, pomergranate, chorizo etc in my salads. And It meant I could have eggs bacon and avacado for breakfast. Well this diet seemed to work well this week, and I lost the 2lb I had gained, so I am back to my total weight loss of 7lb.

Obviously no carbs goes out the window at a weekend, im not a nutter! So I am going to have a couple of little treats this weekend, but I will definitely be doing low carbs again next weekend (Plus hopefully some exercise!) I will keep you all update with various diet trends I try and I am open to hearing any of your weight loss advice if you are a foodie like me!

UPDATE: 23rd April 2017. 

So its coming to the end of the 4th Month of my weight loss journey, and I am 11 pounds down :). I’m not going to lie, I am sat here typing this whilst eating a maple and pecan pastry, buy hey, its the weekend! This does seem to always be my attitude at weekends, so I probably could have lost a lot more weight by now, but this is the struggles of being a foodie!

I’ve stuck with cutting out major carbs during the week, which has helped me a lot. I tend to mainly eat meat, with a nice tasty salad (not a fan of veg) in the evenings, Breakfast is always a black coffee and a banana (carby i know) and lunch varies all the time from soup, to days where I am out and about for work and grab a packet of chicken bites and a small bag of popcorn! I still roughly calorie count when I have days like that so I know I’m not going over board. And that is literally the extent of my diet.

I am noticing the weight loss slowing down now, so I am embarking on the next part of my journey which will hopefully involve some exercise and being strict at weekends.

One of the main things that has helped me, and that could work well for some of you guys is setting up a weight loss group with friends. Ours basically consists of a whatsap group where we send pictures everyday of what we are eating. It makes you more conscious of what you are doing with your diet, because you are too embarrassed to send pics of takeaways every night! We also do a weekly weigh in every Friday (again have to send a picture of the scales as evidence! No hiding!). This works well for me as I can really push myself each week because I want myself and the others to see results. Some have found the weekly weigh in a bit much, and a little demotivating as there not seeing results they are hoping for after a week of being really good. But the main weigh in is on the last Friday of every month. The person who looses the most weight that month gets £5 off the others, and the looser has to record themselves doing an exercises punishment. So its really motivating to do this with friends and to see whats working for them and for me to keep on track of what works for me and what doesn’t. So I highly recommend this if you have a friend that also wants to loose weight.

I will check back in in a couple of months with my progress. Hopefully I will have hit my 1 stone target and will be way on my way to loosing the next one!

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