More Chunky Chick Purchase

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more clothes until I lost some weight. This promise lasted approximately one week into the new year…

Matalan Jeans – £16

River Island Kimono – £20 (sale)

The reason I broke the promise to myself was partly because i’m a shopaholic, partly because I had a realisation that I have been doing things all wrong! I was trying to squeeze into jeans that either don’t fit me anymore, or that I would just by in a size 12 because I refused to admit I had gone up a size. This meant that they would dig in at the hips giving me love handles (such an inappropriate name – I prefer hideous handles) and I would always be searching for tops that were floaty enough to cover up this sin. So I purchased a pair of the Jessie high waisted jeans from Matalan. There a nice stretchy material but don’t look tacky like jeggings do. They also come is lots of different colours and styles so I got one plain black pair and one ripped jean pair. This meant that I could now wear a fitted top rather than a floaty one and in fact made me look slimmer. I paired this witha floaty kimono that i got in the christmas sales, and this is my new look….


In an attempt to sort of stick to my “No new clothes until i loose weight” rule, I bought shoes instead (Cheeky!). Four pairs later, I feel I may have gone a little over board, but hey, i’m a bargain hunter so it didn’t really break the bank!

Kurt Geiger shoes – £30 (sale)

The Kurt Geiger shoes are gorgeous, But they do need stretching out a bit. I bought them in the online sales (which are always really good) and a size 4 always fits me, but these, and another pair of Kurt Geiger boots I bought last year, are both a bit tight on me. Next time i order from them I will definitely be getting one size up.


Pull and bear trainers – £9.99 (sale)

The Pull and bear trainers are just a nice comfortable pair of shoes, I wear these all the time with the matalan jeans and river island kimono to create a more casusal look. I wasn’t going to wear them to work as i didn’t want to ruin them, but whilst in a rush one morning i slipped them on and didn’t think much of it. By the time i got home i realise i have splattered bleach all over them and created a lovely tye-dye effect. Luckily they were still in the sale online, and as they were so cheap and i liked them that much, i ordered another pair, so i now have one for work and one for going out!


New Look boots – £25

The New Look boots were purchased as I wanted a pair of boots to go walking in (as you can tell by the mud on them) I have always loved Dr Martins, but I didn’t want to spend that much money only to ruin them. Plus i wasn’t sure if this style of boot would suit me. So these were perfect as they look just like Dr Martins, there really comfortable and only £25.


Ebay Lace up chunky shoes –  £15.99

Ebay is always a bit of a risk, things are not always as they seem! I have made the mistake before of accidentally buying clothes from China thinking how clever of me to get a pair of wet look leggings for £1.99 only to discover when they arrived that I could bearly fit my big toe in them. But I checked before I clicked and these shoes were from a UK shop and were also brand new and not used. I actually ordered these because I was searching through instagram for inspiration, and I found a very glamourous instalady who had these shoes on. They looked so comfortable as they were chunky low heels, but because they lace up at the front the look more glamourous. So I messaged her and she kindly told me they were available on ebay and I ordered some. So if you find inspiration on Instagram, don’t be afraid to ask people where they got things from!


Another way around my self inflicted ban (that I had already broken) and a way to make myself feel beautiful again was to buy makeup! And at two different ends of the scale.

Charlotte Tilbury:15625138_202987506828840_4191525452512231424_n1

Foundation – £30

I have tried alot of foundations in my time, and I only have two favourites that I will always go to. This one and the smashbox one. They are both around the same price (which I feel is the average price for a good foundation). This is the second time I have purchased the charlotte tilbury foundation. I get the shade “2 fair”. Whilst purchasing this one, I tried the shade “3 Fair” to see if it would be a good colour for when I am slightly more tanned, but its was really orange on me! I was suprised as they have such a large range of shades that I thought one step up would be ok, but defintately not for me. The reason i am mentioning this, is because Charlotte Tilbury stores / stands are quite limited, so the first time I bought one I did a tone of youtube reasearch trying to find girls with similar skin shades to me and making a note of the colour they used, and then totally guessing what shade to order online. Luckily i guessed well and didn’t waste £30! So if you do have to order online, try and do some reasearch first. The foundation has really good coverage for me, I have a few spots and not very naturally smooth skin, so this covers my blemishes well with just one layer. I do two layers if I am having a particularly bad skin day. I only wear foundation maybe twice a week, and this size bottle lasts me about 6 months. Its a nice consistency, not to runny, not too thick, so application is easy (I use a non branded beauty blender). I know a couple of people who use this foundation and haven’t heard any bad reviews.

Eye shadow pallet – £39

I have only ever bought two expensive eyeshadow palets in my life. I normally have the attidude that eye shadow is eye shadow and isn’t worth paying a tone of money for, however with Charlotte Tilbury and Smashbox, I would say they are better than alot of cheaper eyeshadows I have tried. I have the smashbox  full exposure pallet which is £38.50. This is a lot more value for your money as you are getting 14 Colours in matt and glitter. So I did feel a little reluctant to spend that much on just 4 colours. However I wasn’t disapointed. This pallet (The Sophisitcate) is now my day time pallet and the smashbox one is more my evening pallet. The colours are just perfect for that natural look, and they fade into each other effortlessly without obvious lines between your natural skin colour. I would definately by some of the other pallets despite the price tag.

Lipstick – £24

I have never worn coloured lipstick in my life. I have such skinny lips and such pale skin, that all coloured lipsticks looked dark on me, and there for bringing attention to a part of my face that doesn’t exactly have the wow factor. Although tempted by these kylie jenner lip sucking machines, I was off put by the fact my brother did this with shampoo lid when he was younger and had a purple bruise around his mouth for about a week! So instead I just needed to find a neutral colour that was not too dark. After dragging the boyfriend round the charlotte tilbury stand for way too long, I decided to try the Very Victoria. Its perfect. Its a darkish nude colour. So its enough to give my lips a bit of colour but its not too in your face. Its  a matt lipstick so again, its nice a subtle and its also so nice to put on! its smells so delicious I want to eat it (but lets face it my body couldn’t handle anymore calories) and it goes on so smoothly! All these products get a 10/10 from me!

Heres what the Charlotte Tilbury make up does for my (wonky) face.

Primark Matt Lipstick – £3.00

At the opposite end of the price spectrum is this primark matt lipstick. It comes in more of a lip gloss type bottle with stick applicator. This particular colour is a mink pink colour. After buying the Very Victoria lipstick, I became a bit more bold in my lipstick choices so this one is darker than i would normally wear, but again because its matt, and a pale pink, its not too in your face, but certainly gives me more of a bold look. I love this because its easy to apply, its drys quickly, and it lasts ages! Its a bit like a lip stain so if you rub it, it doesn’t come off. The only way it does come off is when drinking, so straws are recommended if you don’t want to keep re-applying! I think for £3 this is such a bargain and I will definitely be buying a few more of these before they are gone off the shelves. I also bought a dark burgundy colour, but this is too dark for my skin tone and thin lips. If you have lovely plump lips though, there are a few lovely colours to choose from!

Heres the lipstick on my trout pout….


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