Being Bold


Being in your face, overly confident, or attention seeking really isn’t me, but nobody wants to fade into the back ground.

Even though I have always loved bright coloured hair, I’ve always wanted to wait until I’d lost a certain amount of weight. Partly because I wanted it to be a bit of a reward to myself and partly because I felt it would suit me more with a slimmer face. But because the weight seemed to pile on more than it would come off, I felt like I would be waiting forever (plus the snap chap slim face filter kinda helps!) . So i decided to experiment with different dyes and toners to find out which would make me stand out in a crowd.

Bleach London have a great selection of semi permanent hair colours, which I buy from boots for £5 a bottle. They don’t have them in the smaller boots stores and as far as I am aware there not available in any other drug stores or supermarkets, so unless you order them online they can be a little harder than normal dyes to get hold of.

So I’ve tried 4 of the colours all together and I wanted to share my experiences with you!

The first time I tried bleach London I had highlighted hair. I’ve always highlighted my hair as it’s better doing it gradually than painting bleach on in one go. However this meant that there were darker blonde bits in my hair which meant they wouldn’t take as well. This was me before any colour….


I wanted a purple greyish colour so I tried the violet skies first. It was perfect! I was worried it would go bright purple but it was really subtle. I think the fact my hair was highlight helped as it wasn’t all one block colour. The only disappointment I have with these products is how long they last. They claim to last 2-10 washes. If they lasted the 10 it would be perfect, but with me it’s definitely more like the 2. So when I washed my hair for the first time the purple really faded, but it went a gorgeous silver colour so I wasn’t disappointed with this. I really recommend using either the bleach London silver shampoo or the fudge purple shampoo as these help to keep the colour in your hair a little longer. If you use a normal clarifying shampoo it was wash out really quickly. Here’s a picture of it after one wash…..


I recently had bleach painted on rather than highlights. I was getting a bit impatient getting it as blonde as I wanted it, and I wanted to try the block colour look. I had this done in a salon, and the hairdresser used a product called olaplex which keeps the condition of the hair to a higher standard despite using bleach. This, with a combination of only washing and using heat on my hair once a week (and the occasional hair mask) has meant my hair has stayed in reasonably good condition. She painted the bleach on and then used a grey toner and this was the result….


I really did like this colour, it was just what i wanted, however again it really didn’t last long at all, and the toners you can buy at home do the same thing.

I haven’t used the violet skies dye since having the bleach painted on for one BIG reason. When the purplish coloured dyes fade they fade to a green colour! This does take 2-3 weeks on my hair to happen, but it’s bloody awful when it does! It doesn’t just wash out like you would hope. I used so many ways of trying to get rid of it I’m not actually sure which one worked! (Ketchup, lemon juice, bicarbonate soda!) it did come out eventually and I think the bicarbonate worked the best but really dried out my hair so needed a hair mask straight after! Anyway I didn’t see many reports of this happening online, so it may not happen to everyone, but I have recently discovered a bit of a disclaimer on the bleach London website which states this…..

Purple Super Cool Colours (Bruised Violet, Parma Violets) have a blue undertone so will fade to blue and then green.”

Shame I didn’t see that before hand but hey ho! So now if I want to have silver coloured hair I go to this product (This is the purple version, the one i use is the Silver one)….


There is still a very subtle hint of purple, but it never turns green afterwards. This is a toner rather than a dye, so you really need to have bleached hair for this. It won’t really do much on dark blonde hair. This is what it looks like on my bleach highlighted hair


As you can see, this colour is similar to the colour i got at the salon, however these bottles of Jerome Russel toners cost less than £4! I get mine from home bargains, but they are sold in superdrug and boots as well. They have a range of coloured toners such as lilac (as pictured above) and pink. The purple one barely did anything, the pink one is next on my to try list once i get my roots done. The bottle is really small, and you wonder whether it is going to cover all your hair, however its really easy to apply as it foams up as you apply it, making it really easy to spread over all your hair and not miss any bits. My hair is very thin, but reasonably long, and I find that I have a fair bit left over and just end up slapping it on for the hell of it.

So back to bleach London products, the next one I was brave enough to try was the rose. It initially comes out bright pink. It’s not hot pink, it’s still a baby pink, but despite having highlights it took really well. It’s definitely the boldest of all the colours I tried. It fades to a really nice candy floss kind of pink, and then fades to normal blonde so no problems with this one! Initially I didn’t like this one, I’m quite pale and I think lilac tones suit me better than the pinker tones (I have pink cheeks so it clashes!) but it grew on me and I’m definitely going to give it another go soon.


So I haven’t tried any of the green or blue colours and don’t think I will. I love these kind of colours on other people but don’t feel they suit me!  Also the bleach london website states “Green tones and green Super Cool Colours (Washed Up Mermaid, SeaPunk) will last the longest and may linger in the hair for some months – perfect if you want a long lasting colour.” . The aftermath of the violet skies was hard enough to deal with so I don’t really fancy that again!

I was a little more dubious with these next ones! so I bought a bottle of the washed out orange and a bottle of the awkward peach, and did patch test on both. In fact I did four tests. Two strand tests of just the colours on their own, and two strand tests of each colour mixed with the rose pink.  The reason I mixed these with rose is because I had seen a couple of pictures online of people who did this and achieved a lush rose gold colour! Also the reason I did strand tests rather than my usual “just slap it on and see what happens!” Is because I saw online that if your hair is an ashy blonde, that the awkward peach can be quite pinky anyway. So here are the strand test results….


As this picture shows, my hair before hand was still quite silvery (and not greasy! Its wet from washing the dye off the strands!) so this could have effected the results. The two strands you see in the picture above are of the Washed out orange. The one at the front is washed out orange mixed with rose. As you can see, they are both quite yellowy in colour and neither are very bold. To me it just looked like a normal blonde colour.


This picture above shows the awkward peach on the back strand, and awkward peach mixed with rose on the front strand. As suspected, as my hair is very ashy, the combination of the two is too pink really. Its a nice colour but it wasn’t what I was going for. I found the awkward peach on its own almost changed colour in the light as you moved, from blonde, to pink, to orange, which was really nice. So I slapped that one all over my head and this was the result (I’ve put it next to the picture of the rose, so you can see the difference)….

Other than the silvery colours, this is my favourite colour so far. Also I used the rose shampoo (occasionally mixed with a small amount of the dye) and it has really maintained the colour. Its faded to a very pale subtle pink now. Here is picture of it after it has faded (with help from the skinny face snap chat filter and my lovely new lippy from primark!)


One other bleach London I highly recommend is their conditioner. It’s not a specific coloured one but leaves your hair so soft and makes it really easy to untangle any horrible knots! I tried their reincarnation mask as well but personally I prefer the conditioner!

Most bleach London products are between £5 and £10. The dyes, conditioners and shampoos I have mentioned are all £5 so quite reasonable.

So these are all I have been brave enough to try so far! Post any comments and pictures of your experiences, or any questions in the comments below!




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