Hello Fresh

A few months back I had a sales lady knock on my door. I work from home so can’t avoid them, and i’m far too polite to turn them away, but this time it was actually something I was interested in. Hello Fresh is a company that basically send you all the ingredients you need, and a recipe book, once a week so that you can cook lovely home cooked meals from scratch. Its great for people like me who hate cooking, don’t know how to cook, or generally don’t really know what flavours and ingredients work well together.  So here are my thoughts on it all….

How it works:

So each Sunday they send you a box full of all your ingredients. If your not at home, its doesn’t matter, they leave it in a safe place, and email you once its been delivered. Once you open the box, you find you meat all wrapped up in ice packets, all your vegetables loose and another small box which contains all the small packets such as seasonings, butter, rice etc. Also included in the box are your recipe cards with step by step instructions of what you need to do to prepare and cook you meal.

A couple of things you should be aware of…

  • The box quantities are made for 2 or 4 people, so if you are a household of anything other than that, this probably won’t work for you.
  • You can choose to have either 3 meals a week or 5 meals.
  • There are only 5 meal choices per week, so if you pick the 3 meals a week option, you do get to pick what you want each week. If you choose 5 meals a week, you just get sent all 5 meals, so there’s no option to swap or change anything.
  • If you choose 3 meals a week, you have to make your order for the following week by Wednesday I believe, otherwise they just pick for you.
  • There are weekly boxes for vegetarians but there are no boxes for vegans.
  • There are also family boxes, enough for 2 adults and 2 children.
  • All recipe cards show you the calorie content of your meal, so its good if you are on a calorie counting diet.
  • Its only one main meal per day, no lunch or breakfast.

The recipes:

We never really had a meal that we didn’t enjoy to be honest. We opted for the 5 meal option, so never got to choose what we got, however sometimes if we had something else in the fridge we could give the meal and extra twist if it needed it (such as adding chicken to a pasta dish). Some of the portion sizes were quite small, but that’s probably because our normal portion sizes are way bigger than what we should have! So if your looking to cut down on quantities, this can be a good way to help. There was always a good variation of meat and veg each week and it often gets you cooking ingredients you may have never used before, for example one week we had samphire (which was really nice actually!). Im a real “can’t cook won’t cook” type, however even for me they were always quite straight forward to cook.

My opinion:

I loved doing this, it got me cooking which I never do, and enabled me to develope new skills. Also, were all guilty of over buying at the super market, so this enabled us to waste less food each week as we were only buying what we needed to eat. My boyfriend also liked doing hello fresh, as it was a way to try new things, and we would have cooking time together which was really nice.

The reason we stopped using hello fresh, was mainly because it didn’t work for our lifestyle. We tend to eat out, or visit family on a Friday, so four meals a week would have been better for us. So the next best option would have been three meals a week, however for us, this was just not financially a good option. It was cheaper for us to do our own shopping for the week.

We also had couple of minor issues with our boxes, however this wasn’t why we stopped. One week we were missing a main ingredient (pasta), another week we had the wrong type of tomatoes (no biggy) and couple of times we had some vague instructions, which made it a little harder for me sometimes.

I would definitely recommend giving it a try as it may suit your lifestyle perfectly. The food is tastey, the majority of it is low calorie and healthy, and if you do five meals a week it’s quite good value for money.

If you have tried hello fresh before, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought.



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