Recent Chunky Chick Purchases

I’ve been feeling larger than usual recently, due to piling on the pounds on holiday and just generally giving up on eating healthily, but my social life still calls, so I have to grin and bear it and find something that covers up my fat bits without having to wear a sheet!

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a fashionista, but when you are a pear shape like me, its hard enough to find clothes that fit, let alone look stylish. So here are a couple of my recent purchases that embrace the chunky chick look! Sorry about the quality of the photos I had a problem with my camera.

New look striped shirt £19.99.

On my upper half, I am lucky enough to have a small waist, however I also have big hips which makes it really hard to find a shirt that buttons up at the bottom. This shirt is great for two reasons, it had splits on the sides that accommodate my wide hips, and the pattern, despite being stripes, accentuates my small waist.  Because it has horizontal stripes at the top and vertical stripes at the bottom that meet with a line across the middle, it draws you in at the waist. Also the vertical stripes at the bottom make my widest part appear slimmer, and the horizontal stripes at the top broadens me a little, which sort of evens me out (all very technical!). It’s long sleeves are also an added bonus for those of you like me that hate your flabby arms and like them covered (my arms have cellulite! Is that even possible!?). In the autumn I simply pair this shirt with a pair of black jeans and boots and it creates a great look for either days out or night time socialising. On a sunnier day it looks great with light jeans and some cute pumps.

Boohoo black body £10 with lace skirt £8.

I faced the dilemma of having to go on a night out recently but really not wanting to get my arms or legs out (plus it’s November! Brrrr!) So it was really difficult trying to cover up and not look like a nun.
I have learnt the hard way that wearing floaty clothes to cover up my belly, doesn’t always work best. Here’s an example of a floaty cover up outfit.


Now compare that to the fitted going out, outfit above. I’m still covering up all my problem areas, but it’s a much more flattering look!  And it looks great without tights too if you have a stunning pair of pins! So even if it’s tempting to try and focus on covering up the bad bits, don’t, try and focus on showing off your good bits instead. So for me, I have covered my arms and legs, but I have also shown off my small waiste and big boobs. On my night out i teamed this with Chunky heels boots (I’m no good in stilettos!) with a lace choker. Once my hair was curled and make up was on, I felt fab considering!

TOP TIP: I am normally a size 12 in skirts but this lace skirt is  good quality and not a stretchy materials, so I went for one size up. The body however IS a stretchy material, but its not tacky and shiny.  I like this material as it fits all body shapes nicely, and is easier to do up on the groin area.

A couple of other recent purchase that I love, whether your a chunky chick or not, are…

Camo jacket from pull and bear £29.99

Ideally this is a jacket best for a taller, slimmer lady with little curves, so this doesn’t suit me as well as it may do some other people, however its bang on trend, really comfy and looks so much nicer than a lot of other similar jackets I tried on. I like to wear it with plain black as a base colour to make it stand out, and then with a chunky, plain, knitted scarf. Its quite a masculine jacket, so when I’m feeling in more of a Tom boy mood I wear my adidas originals and a side bag. If I want a more girly look, i will pop on my heeled boots and take my handbag rather than a side bag.

TOP TIP: it’s meant to be pretty baggy, however I got a size small because on me, the baggier it is, the bigger I look. Also I like to just wear it over a top, but it’s really light weight, so if you like to layer your jackets with jumpers, I suggest a larger size.

Leopard print hand bag from accessorize £19


This bag goes with so much! I’ve layered it in the photo with all my different coloured winter jumpers so you can see what I mean. It also comes in lots of lush colours and materials. Heres a link….

Thanks for reading 🙂 If you have any queries about my recent purchase, please use the contact page.


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