Frankly Ami


My Jewellery Journey…

As a part time hobby my boyfriend and I decided to set up a jewellery selling company called Frankly Ami. The name is a play on my name and our first dog Frank. Here he is keeping my company whilst i type….


The jewellery we want to sell is very simplistic, modern and geometric in style. I have mainly picked items that I would wear on a day to day basis (which has resulted in me stealing a couple of items!). We are still in the early stages, we have a instagram and facebook page, and we are working on a website. We have all the items of jewellery, a logo and all the packaging ready to go! We had to put the venture on hold for a few months as we have been so busy, but we are getting back on track and once the website is sorted we are all ready to sell! What do you think?…

Heres a link to our instagram page in the mean time. If you are interested in any of the items just ping me a message!

Update February 2017:

We have progressed a little further with Franklyami since the new year. Yes, it was another one of our new years resolutions to put more effort into our company, but I am pleased to say its a resolution we have actually stuck to! In fact it was quite easy to stick to as it mainly involved photography and social media, my favs! We have built our brand and we have an obvious style that shines through on our website, which is now up and running and we are taking orders from all over the world! We did a new years giveaway competition (to make up for the lack effort from last year), and we gave away our hexagon necklace and triangle ring to two lucky winners. So things are going well, we are posting new items on our social media every day and always gaining new followers and likes. We are really passionate about the business so we are hoping things will continue to pick up and we can expand our range! Fingers crossed!

So here’s a link to the new website, and some of our new photography. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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