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cropped-spain1.jpgWelcome to Chronicles of a Chunky Chick!

Like thousands of girls in this world, I get home from work, curl up in a blanket and binge on social media as a form of relaxation. Whether its Youtube for make up tutorials, Pintrest for fashion ideas,  or Instagram for weight loss motivation, there always seems to be something i need advice on. But I realised that these amazing ideas and visions of what we want to look like, doesn’t apply to everyone. Particularly me! I have a pear shaped body, that falls into neither the skinny or plus size categories. I have skin that is not airbrush perfect but is not covered in acne. I face the daily fight of wanting to loose weight but love to eat great foods! So I wanted to create a blog that was a bit different, to talk about all the things “in between”. I feel like I fall into this “in between” category that doesn’t get covered on social media. I rarely see fashion, beauty or weight loss advise for people my shape and size, so I am hoping to create a blog for all you “in betweenies” to relate to! 

But Chunky Chick Chronicles isn’t all about my look. I’m a big foodie, so I can’t not talk about all the foods that make me this way! So if beauty and Fashion aren’t your thing, then check out my other blogs as I will be covering all aspects of my Chunky life! 

Thanks for reading 🙂